Monday, 4 February 2013

Getting Ready for the Windows

Its been a busy few weeks after the Christmas break. We started in early January by rendering the inside of the house this will be the first layer of air tightness and add extra rigidity and strength to the interior walls.

The rendering was done by a local man Peter, and it took him three days, we were toying with the idea of doing it ourselves but thank God we didn't. We would still be at it !!!

Rendering the Western side wall
 After the rendering was done Michael the architect suggested we white wash the walls, using lime powder, which would brighten up the inside of the house he, as always, was quite correct.

Michael painting the walls

Adam "helping" with painting
While Peter was on site we asked him to scud the exterior walls of the house which is a messy job and could damaged the new windows if they where fitted.

The scudding makes the exterior very dull.
The scudding meant that the temporary boarding around the windows had to be removed. This showed us just how much light will be coming into the house. The scudding was done prior to the scratch coat and final coat of render with will go on to the outside wall. This will have to wait until drier weather.

White washing the interior was a great idea. View into the South-East corner

View into the North-West corner.
We added some temporary lights inside and because of the white wash walls two tube lights was all that was needed to brighten up the inside so that we can now work later on into the day.

Without the lights it would be pitch black inside.
The timber arrived for us to start framing up the interior walls. This was 150mm x 50mm timber which was placed against the wall and will be filled with ridged insulation. The floors will also be attached to the framing. The framing was done with the help of my friend Shabbs who came from the UK to help out in my hour of need, many thanks Shabbs.

The first of many loads to arrive.
Framing up the inside.

The floor joist will rest on the beam which is attached to wall studs
We also had a delivery of my much anticipated Vogalzang Barrel Stove Kit which is made in the U.S. The kit consists of a door, chimney pipe bracket with damper and some legs, you have to supply your own 55 gallon oil drum. We will be using the stove as a temporary heat source in the house using the many bits of timber off cuts which we have saved up.

Took us 20 mins to put together. More info on the stove is available on YouTube.
The stove was heated up outside first which burns off any paint on the drum which could be harmful if burnt inside and any oil residue which may be inside the drum.

10 mins after lighting

20 mins after lighting the heat output is staggering!!!

The stove will be placed inside the house and fixed to the permanent chimney pipe location when the permanent stove arrives the barrel stove will be then used in the garage while I tinker with the replica Cobra car kit which I want to build someday!!

We then started on the central spine wall of the house this will carry a third of the weight of the first floor. The spine wall was made with the engineering expertise of my friend Terry Dales who came from the UK to help, for which I will be eternally grateful. The floor joist where added to the wall beam and the spine wall.

The spine wall was engineered with the help of my friend Terry Dales.
Terry making sure its all level.

We than started laying the floor joist and floor boarding for the first floor. This will help the window installers fit the upstairs windows.

Looking into the South-East corner.

The floor joist can be seen resting on the spine wall top beam
Looking into the North-East corner.
We have made up a temporary staircase to get to the first floor. The staircase has been used before and we have added extra timbers so it could be used with our floor height. It doesn't look it but it is very solid.

View looking down the staircase the hand rail will be added

It is very safe honest!!!
The first floor will be completely joisted and boarded out so the window installer's can fit the windows. These are coming on Tuesday 5th February not a moment too soon.

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