Saturday, 3 November 2012

Lintels Are In !!

The block layers are going great guns in a few short days they have raised the wall levels on three sides up to lintel level.

Photo taken 29th October, The 4" yellow land drains can be seen.

Trying out the Bobcat

I now have a Bobcat on site which is very useful for getting around the perimeter of the house so we can get the land drainage in.

Photo taken 31st October. Looking at the western side of the house. Keash Hill in the background.

Internal view facing the South-West.

The northern side of the house the block layers have left deliberately short so that they can load the scaffolding with blocks using there own Telehoist.

The order for the roof trusses have been delayed they will now be arriving7th or 8th November.

We have also ordererd the roof slates they will be Tegral Rivendale Black-Blue.

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