Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Roof Trusses have Arrived

The roof trusses arrived today.They where made in a factory in Northern Ireland and delivered to site ready to be installed. All the timber material that will be needed in the roof all came from Quinn Building Supplies. Quinn gave us a 3D drawing of what the roof will look like with all the bracing attached, which is done on site.

All the roof timber came in one load.

3D drawing of the roof

 We used the telehoist to unload them and set them down near the West wall of the house.

Using the Telehoist to unload the Trusses

Taking them along the drive

Placing them on West wall of the house.

I have prepared a temporary place for the trusses.

The trusses will be placed on the timbers
On the 7th November we had the last full load of blocks delivered to site a total of 5744. Which included 640 150mm and the rest were 100mm. I might order the blocks we need for the garage due to a large price increase on blocks in the New Year. Cemex have been brilliant with deliveries some where made well within 24 hours of being ordered!!!

Last full load of blocks

We have had to brace the southern wall, due to there being no internal walls and that the pier between the two large openings on the ground floor being a bit narrow. These braces will be taken down when the roof is attached.

Timber bracing added to the Southern Wall

The weather at the moment has been very kind to us so the block layers have made great progress.

Photo taken 8th Nov. View from the North West corner looking out to the South East corner.

 Photo taken from the West looking to the East and Keash Hill. The trusses all wrapped up.

The Southern wall will be finished first to wall plate level and then the to gable walls, East and West. Then they will complete the North wall to wall plate level. The trusses will fixed on the wall plates which are made of timber. The block layers say that they should be finished in two weeks weather depending.

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